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Welcome to Amera Mobile

Amera Mobile offers state-of-the-art text messaging and mobile marketing technology to our customers. Please look at our products page to discover what we offer.

Whether you want to do mobile trivia, remind your clients about important appointments, or interact with your customers dynamically, Amera Mobile has the text messaging service you require. Please visit our text messaging service page to view more information!

With our product, you can:

  • Remind your clients, patients, and customers about important appointments.
  • Target specific groups for marketing.
  • Interact more efficiently with customers and potential customers.
  • Engage in Mobile Trivia to keep your customers engaged.
  • Text-to-Screen feature which allows for real-time voting and interaction.
  • Engage in creative and interactive advertising campaigns.
  • Bill and dramatically improve collection.

Our mobile marketing system is designed for EVERYONE! Any small business or large corporation will benefit and can use our friendly system. With our mobile messaging program it is easy to build, manage, and create multiple marketing campaigns. You can contact your customers in an instant, whether a select few or thousands. Our program is so simple to use that managing your contacts is no chore as your fingertips do the work in mere seconds!

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Why waste productive time reminding clients by phone messages and letters?

Our text messaging system can meet your needs for pennies for each text notification.

Why waste time reminding patients, customers, and clients of appointments and other important dates?

Our text messaging software is perfect for: dentists, doctors, schools, restaurants, attorneys, car dealers, car repair shops, churches, billing and collection, landlords, and for your business.

Check out our reasonable pricing schedule. Contact us for a free quote and demonstration!

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